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As project manager of Cleveland's Civic Vision 2000 Citywide Plan and as NOACA Board President, Brown succeeded in bringing diverse constituencies together to accomplish shared goals.

Here are some things others have said about Robert Brown:


"He is a tremendously competent and thorough-going planning professional in the best sense of  the word."

-- Norm Krumholz, FAICP, professor, Cleveland State University


"Bob has demonstrated tremendous leadership and vision, both within City Hall and out into the community, stimulating commitment and support for ..... big ideas."

-- Paul Volpe, AIA, architect


"He has performed his duties with attention to detail, a collaborative spirit, humor and a modest nature."

-- Howard Maier, FAICP, former Director, Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency


"Bob brings to his work ..... an uncommon mix of technical prowess, low-keyed but effective leadership skills, and a rare talent for communicating powerful ideas in understandable and actionable terms."

-- Chris Warren, former Cleveland Chief of Regional Development


After being nominated by his local colleagues, Brown was one of 39 city planners from across the country selected as a "Fellow" in the American Institute of Certified Planners in 2014. 


In 2014 Brown was selected for the "Senator George V. Voinovich BUGC Public Works Employee of the Year Award" for his work in leading the community planning element

of major roadway projects in Cleveland.


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