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Robert N. Brown is a city planner providing a variety of consultant services, including the following:
  • comprehensive and neighborhood planning,
  • zoning code writing and zoning technical assistance,
  • development project facilitation,
  • grant writing for city planning and development-related applications
Brown has 39 years of experience as a city planner, including ten years as Director of City Planning for the City of Cleveland.  In 2014 Brown was honored nationally by the American Planning Association, when it selected him as a "Fellow" of the "American Institute of Certified Planners" (FAICP), recognizing his accomplishments and expertise in the field of city planning.
Brown prepared Cleveland's Civic Vision 2000 Citywide Plan, recipient of APA's national award for excellence in comprehensive planning; and Brown led the city's work in the Reimagining a More Sustainable Cleveland project, recipient of the APA award for excellence in "sustaining places."  Brown has written and administered innovative zoning and development regulations on a wide range of topics, from signs to design districts and from urban agriculture to townhouses.

The arts and culture are increasingly important assets in fueling urban revitalization.  [Summer Solstice at the Cleveland Museum of Art.]

"Placemaking" has become a key ingredient in planning for communities and neighborhoods.  [Shaker Square]

Zoning overlay districts can be used to implement plans for mixed-use and walkable districts.  [Pedestrian Retail Overlay Districts in Ohio CIty]

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