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Circus Bob

Back in 1969-70, I was a student at the then "hippie haven" Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont. In those days, the college closed every January-February because of the heavy snow, and the students were encouraged to engage in some interesting off-campus experience during that time.

A fellow student told me that he was going to spend the time working in a traveling circus! That sounded like a cool idea to my 18-year old self, so I decided to do that too -- working at the Clyde-Beatty Cole Brothers Circus, which would be traveling through the south doing one-night stands.

When I finished my one-month stint helping to set up and tear down the huge side show tent, I documented my experience (for college credit) in a photo essay. Being in a pre-internet and almost re-computer era, my "circus book" has remained as a single-copy paper scrapbook, with glued on photos -- until now! This week I scanned each page and created an electronic copy of my Circus photo essayI I hope to post the Circus photo essay to this site soon!

Bob Brown (aka Robert Nicholas Brown)

Circus Photo Essay pdf
Download PDF • 5.47MB


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